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Photo: Katharina Kritzler

Was kann ich für sie tun, 2009
inkjetprint on Post-its, Ventilators, variable dimensions.


Was kann ich für sie tun deals with the idealized image of the female in the corporate world. A very large amount of call-center girls and businesswomen photos, produced to illustrate various articles or ads in corporate websites, are collected, printed on post-it notes and pasted all over the walls while two ventilators blow in different directions from the middle of the room.


The work adress the standardized ways of corporate communication and to the hurdles encountered by feminism in the struggle to empower women at work - often depicted in a subordinate situation.

In German, "was kann ich für Sie tun" –with a big S on Sie- means „how can i help you“, while the same sentence with a little s on „sie“ means „what can i do for them/her“).

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