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Timelines, series of works, 2001- present

stamp on fax paper roll Various dimensions
( pictured: Timeline: EINGEGANGEN (1990-2001), 2003 ) 21x 900cm

Timelines is one of the first series of works Nicolas Manenti created: working as a night-guard, he began fighting boredom by using the material he found on the workplace, including date-stamps which he used to parody conceptual artists of the 1960´s such as On Kawara or Roman Opalka, in a «bureaucratic» reenactment: unlike On Kawara´s works, the dates do not reflect the artist´s lifetime, but the validity of the stamp he uses, which is often limited to 12 years. 

Over the years, Manenti collected different models of stamps, some dating back to the 1930s, and some special formats, like the one used in Betriebsferien.

Timelines: , Betriebsferien 2011

stamp on fax paper roll, 21 x 36m

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