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Legal Mentions (german version), April 2015

Installation in situ, Adhesive text on wall 2-days happening,

installation: variable dimensions

Many authors, in literature and Philosophy, questioned the sense of labor in modern society: in their essays, poems, or novels they celebrate idleness as a mean of resistance against the moral of work: they are as diverse as Bertrand Russel or Paul Lafargue.

Legal Mentions is an hommage to idleness taking the form of a happening: Beforehand, an extract of the employment law texts of the country in which Legal Mentions is pasted on the exhibition wall. 
During the process, the participants have to write citations about laziness using the letters taken from the law. To form their words, they must dismantle the paragraphs until they can´t find any usable letter.

Legal Mentions (korean version) November 2015

Installation in situ, Adhesive text on wall happening, installation: variable dimensions

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