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Project for a nomadic event program: performances, installation
2021- ongoing

A realisation in collaboration with Astera Mortezai.

Kapr Project proposes a temporary structure that can be both seen as an artwork by itself and a platform for a series of
workshops and happenings. It has been submitted to the city of Gouda.
The structure of the project takes the form of shelters made of wood typical of nomadic habitat in some places in Iran. The name


Kapr is a Kurdish term that is given to shelters designed to invite passengers to share tea and fruits during the summer. They have a seasonal rhythm, organized by the cyclic succession of stays on different sites. Each year, a settlement is left until the next reinstallment on the following year.

Not everything is taken away during the migration, so the wooden structure of the constructions stays bare, while the covering and textiles are transported or renewed upon each new arrival.

Model for Kapr, 2021

Wood, PVC Frontlift 500g/sqm


We would like to make the re-enactment of a nomadic return the starting point of the Kapr Project, by conceiving a sculptural installation made of wood, inspired by the state of the settlement before the return of the nomads, it is like a bare skeleton waiting for its cover.

The first act of the project will take shape in a poetic workshop inviting the public to assemble a covering made of different pieces of fabric, each carrying a word. With them, each participant will be able to create sentences, which will be stitched together to build a giant patchwork that covers the wooden structure: both as a symbolic and as a necessary act, we create a common good in the form of a ceiling of literature. The shelters will then be ready to host various events: It is a multifunctional space that can host workshops, lectures, and exhibitions.

Study for Kapr #1, 2021

PVC Frontlift 500g/sqm on canvas


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