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02 April - 04 July 2010
Staatlisches Museum Schwerin

With: Bazon Brock - Larissa Fassler - Johann Dietrich Findorff (1722-1772) - Jim Hamlyn - Res Ingold - Matthisa Kanter - Carl Malchin (1838-1923) - Nicolas Manenti - Mattáus Merian (1593-1650) - Jürgen Palmer - Heinrich Pommerencke (1821-1873) - REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT - Andreas Sachsenmaier - Daniel Spoerri - Johann Alexander Thiele (1685-1752) - Carl Georg Christian Schumacher (1797-1869)

Curator: Claudia Schönefeld

The 850th anniversary of the city of Schwerin offers the opportunity to reflect about things exceptional and unthought of before in a city surrounded by seven lakes and particularly fascinating because of an undisturbed historical architecture and a neorenaissance castle. Like many other European cities Schwerin undergoes change marked by migration and an aging population with its structural effects. Within the area of tension between a traditional history, nature und future visions regional, national and international artists present their view of the city of Schwerin and encourage discussion about questions concerning the quality of life, nature, culture, history, infrastructure und visionary urban planning. The artists working for the project won’t just embellish or animate Schwerin but the city itself becomes the object of artistic invention. The works selected or created for the exhibition combine different media such as painting, drawing, installation, video and internet. The aspect from within and from outside opens through the freedom of art new perspectives and ideas which are palpable as a creative potential for the city. With a concept based on interaction and network with other artistic projects the museum becomes a place for brainstorming inviting inhabitants and guests to Schwerin.

Exhibition view
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