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16 February - 27 April 2012
Institut Français

Curated by: Diana Righini
assisted by: Bahare Sharifi
artists assistants: Jen-Hao Tsai & Chien-Wei Liu

With: Caroline Gutlé - Kuo-Wei Lin - Silvia Lorenz - Nicolas Manenti - Ludovic Méhauté - Diana Righini
Publication: e o t . essays on typography (Anna Sartorius & Lilla Hinrich)

The Gallery is mainly filled by a collective work: Between installation and sculpture, the "Millefeuille" takes the space between the floor and the herating along the window. This structure is made of wood recovered on Berlin construction sites or from artists' cellars. The result of two contradictory processes - construction and demolition - this wood testifies to urban development movements in and around the city. The installation is a metaphor for the architectural process and collective work. All artists participate in its construction through exchanges of ideas and styles. This results in the idea of a social sculpture.

Exhibition view
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